Industrial Products

El Dorado Chemical produces concentrated nitric acid (CNA), sulfuric acid, weak nitric acid at its facility in El Dorado, Arkansas. Here we also blend concentrated nitric acid with oleum to produce mixed nitrating acids specific to the requirements for each user. All of our products are shipped in bulk quantities by rail and/or by truck.

El Dorado Chemical also produces liquid and solid ammonium nitrate for surface mining and quarry and construction. We also offer our high quality "Specialty E-2®" to meet the needs of various niche markets.

For more information about El Dorado Chemical's products, contact us at 800-876-1766.

Agricultural Products

El Dorado Chemical’s E-2 ammonium nitrate prills are developed specifically to meet the needs of the fertilizer industry’s bulk blenders. E-2’s high density (60 lbs./cu. Ft.) is comparable to the weight and shape of the potassium and phosphorus components — allowing for easier mixing and reduced separation during transportation to the farmers’ field.

Our wholesale fertilizer customers receive timely shipments by truck and rail from our El Dorado, Arkansas plant. Customers can also pick up truckloads of ammonium nitrate at the El Dorado plant 24 hours per day, 7days per week.

El Dorado Chemical Company operates both wholesale and retail fertilizer blend plants. Our continued growth through the acquisition of new plants is allowing us to serve a growing number of customers. We currently operate wholesale blend plants in Texas and retail plants in Oklahoma, Texas, and Tennessee.

Our retail facilities offer a full range of customer services, including soil sampling to ensure soil fertility, custom blending and application and a supply of micronutients, ag chemicals and seed.

Working closely with universities and fertilizer associations, El Dorado Chemical is helping farmers achieve their crop production goals.