Industrial Chemicals Division

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EDCC Products

Concentrated Nitric Acid

El Dorado Chemical Company produces high quality white fuming, concentrated (>98%) nitric acid (HNO3). We also own and operate the largest fleet of concentrated nitric acid rail cars in the United States allowing us to be responsive to your needs.

Weak Nitric Acid

El Dorado Chemical produces weak nitric acid in three plants all located in El Dorado Arkansas. The products from these plants are sold or blended to any specified concentration using the company's 98% concentrated nitric acid.

We provide a wide classification of nitric acid concentrations ranging from 55% to 84%.

El Dorado Chemical nitric acid blends are used in a variety of applications including semiconductors, herbicides, pesticides and metal treatment.

Sulfuric Acid

El Dorado Chemical manufactures and markets over 150,000 tons of sulfuric acid annually. Our high purity, virgin sulfuric acid is manufactured through the precise burning of premium quality sulfur. We offer 3 grades of sulfuric acid: 98%, 66 degree baume (93%), and 93% Low Iron. Our products are used in pulp digestion, bleaching, water treating and metal etching.

Mixed Nitrating Acid

El Dorado Chemical produces custom blends of mixed nitrating acid. The process mixes concentrated nitric acid with sulfuric acid or oleum.

El Dorado Chemical's mixed nitrating acids are used as raw materials in the production of nitrocellulose, ordnance, diesel fuel additives (cetane enhancers), mono/dinitrochlorobenzene and herbicides.

Industrial Ammonium Nitrate

El Dorado Chemical Company produces liquid and solid ammonium nitrate to supply both the mining, quarry and high purity industrial markets applications particular to other industrial markets such as greenhouses, nurseries, animal antibiotics and conductivity enhancement.

Our prilled, [solid] low-density industrial grade ammonium nitrate is a free flowing, fuel absorbent prill, construction industrial tipically used in bulk.

Liquid ammonium nitrate solution is the key ingredient in the manufacture of emulsion and water gel blasting agents.

Our speciality E-2 (high-density) ammonium nitrate remains the industry standard in packaged explosive materials because of its density, purity and ability to withstand degradation during storage. These same purity and storage qualities, as well as excellent solubility makes it ideal for other specialty industrial markets as well.

Plant History

In 1983 LSB industries acquired the El Dorado, Arkansas manufacturing facility from the Monsanto Company as well as related sales and distribution centers for agricultural and industrial markets. The site produces low-density and high-density ammonium nitrate prills, ammonium nitrate solution, nitric acid and sulfuric acid of various strengths and mixed nitrating acids.

In 1999 El Dorado Nitrogen LP began nitric acid operations in new state-of-the-art facilities in Baytown, Texas. The plant supplies 65% nitric acid for Bayer MaterialScience, LLC and for other industrial customers.

In October 2000, LSB Industries acquired the Cherokee, Alabama site from LaRoche Industries. The Cherokee, Alabama facility is named Cherokee Nitrogen Company and manufactures ammonia (commercial and refrigeration grades), nitric acid, high-density ammonium nitrate solution and prill, urea, urea-ammonium nitrate solution, specialty ammonia-ammonium nitrate solutions and gaseous carbon dioxide, and diesel exhaust fluid,DEF.

In January 2001 LSB acquired the former Wil-Gro Fertilizer facility in Pryor, Oklahoma and renamed the site Pryor Chemical Company. The operating manufacturing facilities currently include ammonia plants, a carbon dioxide liquefaction plant, two nitric acid plants, an ammonium nitrate solution and granular plant, a urea plant and a urea-ammonium nitrate blending facility.