LSB's Manufacturing Facilities

In 1983 LSB industries acquired the El Dorado, Arkansas manufacturing facility from the Monsanto Company as well as related sales and distribution centers for agricultural and industrial markets. The site produces low-density and high-density ammonium nitrate prills, ammonium nitrate solution, nitric acid and sulfuric acid of various strengths and mixed nitrating acids.

In 1999 El Dorado Nitrogen LP began nitric acid operations in new state-of-the-art facilities in Baytown, Texas. The plant supplies 65% nitric acid for Bayer MaterialScience, LLC and for other industrial customers.

In October 2000, LSB Industries acquired the Cherokee, Alabama site from LaRoche Industries. The Cherokee, Alabama facility is named Cherokee Nitrogen Company and manufactures ammonia (commercial and refrigeration grades), nitric acid, high-density ammonium nitrate solution and prill, urea, urea-ammonium nitrate solution, specialty ammonia-ammonium nitrate solutions and gaseous carbon dioxide, and diesel exhaust fluid,DEF.

In January 2001 LSB acquired the former Wil-Gro Fertilizer facility in Pryor, Oklahoma and renamed the site Pryor Chemical Company. The operating manufacturing facilities currently include ammonia plants, a carbon dioxide liquefaction plant, two nitric acid plants, an ammonium nitrate solution and granular plant, a urea plant and a urea-ammonium nitrate blending facility.